Road safety is not a matter of license but human conduct - MTTU Boss

The conduct of people who possess drivers’ license on the road should be a major cause of concern in curbing carnages on the road, says the Ashanti Regional Commander of the Police Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU). Chief Superintendent Godact Dodzi Hlordzi says whilst it is legally mandatory for motorists to be licensed, it is not the panacea to instilling discipline on the roads. “People pass driving test, they are issued with drivers’ license but when they get on the road, their behavior is different; no matter the class of license they possess, the type of vehicle they drive, their behavior on the road is different”, he stated. Over 2,000 people are killed on Ghanaian roads annually. In line with its mandate to help reduce casualties on the roads, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has expanded the computer-based theory test for DVLA offices in the Northern sector of Ghana. The system was first introduced in Southern Ghana in 2012 as a platform is to ensure only competent, knowledgeable and skillful people are granted the permission to use the roads. According to Acting Chief Executive of the DVLA, Rudolf Beckley, the new system will promote “the use of best practices for licensing drivers and vehicles to promote road safety and environmental sustainability”. The computer platform reduces the human meddling in the conduct of the theory driving test for an unbiased test administration and scoring. Mr. Beckley maintained the system “is not to deny anyone the opportunity to apply and obtain a driving license. It is to ensure that only drivers with proven competencies and skills are allowed to drive on Ghana’s roads”. But the MTTU Commander is emphatic that, it is only when the police is thorough in road regulation that indiscipline can be checked. “No police, no law; no police, no speed limit…without the police we are not ready to respect the law”, decried Mr. Hlodzi. “It is not a matter of license; it is a matter of behavior, our conduct”. Meanwhile, the Ashanti region recorded a reduction in road accidents in the second quarter of this year. Regional statistics on road accidents indicate 75 died in first quarter but the figure dropped to 59 in the second quarter, whilst fines imposed on erring motorists dropped from GhS73;33,000 to GhS73;29,000. Mr. Hlodzi has appealed to the motoring public to be self-disciplined and value life on the roads.

From:( Ghana/Luv Fm/Kofi Adu Domfeh

Published On: July 9, 2013, 14:00 GMT